Poetry Reading

I stumbled across some of my old poems that I wrote during my undergrad years (which was about 1.0007 seconds ago). None of which are about anything of imminent importance, but interesting enough. I’m publishing them for you to enjoy!

Read them, love them, hate them, start dialogue, send them to your mom for her birthday…whatever’s clever.

To start you off:


I wanted the truth to ring in your head like a siren
To shake your entire being.


I wanted the truth to unshackle the             hesitations
and doubts that were bound to your chambered heart.

I extracted the most lovable parts of myself,
Spread them at your feet.
You tiptoed
Around them like petal-shaped landmines.

I was hugging a cactus…
but what a beautiful way to bleed.

Regretfully Yours,

Jasmine Jenkins






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