Virtual, Self-Assisted Poetry Reading

I stumbled across some of my old poems that I wrote during my undergrad years (which was about 1.0007 seconds ago). None of which are about anything of imminent importance, but interesting enough. I’m publishing one poem a day for the next sixatmine days.

Read them, love them, hate them, start dialogue, send them to your mom for her birthday…whatever’s clever.

Poem 1:

I wanted the truth to ring in your head like an ambulance siren
Shake your entire being.


I wanted the truth to unshackle the             hesitations
and doubts that were bound to your chambered heart.

I extracted the most lovable parts of myself,
Spread them at your feet.
You tiptoed
Around them like petal-shaped landmines.

I was hugging a cactus…
but what a beautiful way to bleed.

Regretfully Yours,

Jasmine Jenkins






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