Poem 6/6

All Black Lives… Matter?

Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you’re dumb,
It’s more about where you’re going than where you’re from,
Never look back once you make it to the top,
But that doesn’t mean forget what is easily forgot.

You’re black and you know you’ve struggled too,
Don’t ever think that someone else is better than you,
But never say that you know you’re better than them

Because – well, six warning shots in the back.

After the battles fought, all that is left is hatred and opinions,
And people like us,
Stuck with unanswered questions
And a truth that’s forever hidden

With a white man looking down the smalls of his glasses,
“The only thing worth any worth is anything but your black asses.”

To those that have fallen victim of anti-black racism, hate crimes, and police brutality.



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